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Denmark’s Largest Hotel Chain Scandic Denmark Collaborates With Planteslagterne For Green Menus

The sustainability movement in Denmark continues, as its largest hotel chain, Scandic Denmark, collaborates with organic plant-based brand Planteslagterne for more sustainability on the menu.

Denmark is a global leader in sustainability and the first country in the world that gave plant-based a priority in an agricultural agreement. In order to accelerate sustainability performance at Denmark’s largest hotel chain, a new collaboration with plant-based food company Planteslagterne will supply the hotel restaurants with beet patties and other plant-based products.

Planteslagterne Scandic Hotels
©Scandic Hotels

Green Entrepreneur of the Year

Founded in 2018, Planteslagterne is established with a vision to create easy and exciting plant-based meals. The company received the Green Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2021 and offers a plant-based portfolio that is 100% organic and without additives, preservatives, or soy.

The priority of the new collaboration between Planteslagterne and Scandic Denmark is to provide more sustainable options on the hotel menus, aiming to create new industry standards through the offering of Planteslagterne’s organic plant-based products in Scandic’s Danish restaurants.

Planteslagterne meat

“We continue to develop our concept and have an ambition to be first movers, when it comes to sustainability. That’s why we are so happy to collaborate with small local businesses with innovative and sustainable products like Planteslagterne. We want to make it easy for our guests to make sustainable choices without compromising taste or quality in any way”, says F&B Director at Scandic Denmark, Karsten Felvang Nielsen.



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