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Soupergirl Launches Fair Food Soup at Whole Foods to Fight Farm Worker Abuse

Plant-based brand Soupergirl announces it has become the first consumer packaged goods company to obtain Fair Food certification in an effort to protect farm workers’ rights. Soupergirl’s tomato gazpacho line now carries the Fair Food label, which can be found at select Whole Foods locations. 

“We are honored to sell the first packaged products in America that contain only Fair Food tomatoes”

The Fair Food Program is a national effort to ensure just wages and humane working conditions for migrant workers who pick America’s fruits and vegetables. Created by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), the nonprofit fights rampant labor and gender-based abuses found throughout the agricultural industry. Several major retailers have signed on to the program, including Whole Foods, Walmart, and Ahold. 

To celebrate the launch of its Fair Food gazpacho at Whole Foods, Soupergirl held a free sampling event with speaking appearances by brand CEO Sarah Polon and representatives from the CIW. 

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Healthy soups

“We are so proud to sell Soupergirl’s gazpachos at Whole Foods Market and hope more brands and retailers are encouraged to get behind the Fair Food Program mission,” said Erik Brown, Executive Leader of Produce at Whole Foods Market. “We can’t wait for our customers to enjoy these delicious products and learn more about the work that goes into the Fair Food label.”

Founded in 2008, Soupergirl produces a lineup of plant-based soups, gazpachos, bowls and dressings made from fresh ingredients. In 2020, the brand raised $2M in Series A funding from investors that included ArborView Capital and Seth Goldman of Honest Tea. 

Souper Girl Products
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Advancing fairness

As a small company, Soupergirl says it is doing its part to fight for much-needed change in the food industry. 

“We are honored to sell the first packaged products in America that contain only Fair Food tomatoes, ensuring that the farm workers who picked those tomatoes were protected against the inhumane treatment that is so common in agriculture,” said Polon, CEO of Soupergirl. “But we are a small company and hope that we are only the first of many, many firms that commit to source Fair Food and thus advance fair practices and safety for migrant workers on a larger scale.”



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