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Alt-Seafood in Asia: Research Finds Consumers “Will Accept No Compromises”

GFI APAC has commissioned a series of surveys examining consumer attitudes to alt-seafood in Asia. Results showed that participants were curious about plant-based and cultivated seafood, but also sceptical about the benefits. Across the four countries surveyed — Singapore, Thailand, Korea, and Japan — respondents expressed concern that alt-seafood would not be as fresh or natural as the conventional variety. Consumers in these countries are accustomed to buying fresh-caught fish …


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Soylent Report Shows 10% of US Adults Now Identify as Vegan

Plant-based beverage maker Soylent has compiled a report listing major vegan statistics and trends happening in 2022. Among the report’s highlights, it finds the number of US vegans increased 30 fold from the years 2004-2019, with the number of vegans in America alone reaching 9.7 million.   Black and Indigenous growth According to Soylent, which examined data from GFI, Sentient Media, The Vegan Society and other sources, up to 10% of US …


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Cornell University Studies Ethical and Economic Implications of Plant-Based Beef on US Market

A Cornell University study published in The Lancet, titled “Ethical and economic implications of the adoption of novel plant-based beef substitutes in the USA: a general equilibrium modelling study”, examines the impact of the plant-based meat industry on the US market. Plant-based alternatives to beef have the potential to help reduce carbon emissions, though the paper says that their growing popularity could affect farm labour and threaten more than 1.5 …


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New Whitepaper Reveals How Gen Z is Driving Change in the Plant-Based Space

Innophos has published a whitepaper called Solutions for Plant-Based Meat Substitutes, highlighting solutions to solve the challenges around formulating plant-based meat substitutes. The new whitepaper presents case studies that showcase how the right phosphate and protein combinations can improve the texture and taste of plant-based meat substitute products. The report covers: Consumer trends and how Gen Z is driving change in the plant-based space The challenges of formulating meat substitutes …


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“Power of Plant-Based” Report Shows US Consumers Want Tastier, Healthier Alternative Proteins

The Food Industry Association has released its inaugural “Power of Plant-Based” report, which covers alternative meat and dairy as well as naturally derived plant foods like fruits and vegetables. Among the survey’s insights, it finds taste and healthiness remain key drivers for plant-based purchasing decisions.  Buying habits According to FMI, almost half of all shoppers are making some effort to buy plant-based food and beverages, and many expect to strongly …


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Ivy Farm & BCG Release Report on Cultivated Meat in the UK: “We Need to Act Now to Truly Realise its Full Potential”

A report by Boston Consulting Group and the UK’s first cultivated meat producer Ivy Farm has outlined the ways in which the UK cultivated meat industry could scale up and reach its full potential. It has been estimated that cultivated meat will make up 6% of the global alt-protein market by 2035, but the report suggests that this could be higher in the UK, with a third of British consumers …


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Fungi Take Over CPG Industry With “Mushroom” One of Most Searched For Terms in Q2 of 2022

A retail report by product discovery and purchasing platform RangeMe has explored CPG trends in the second quarter of 2022. A key finding is that demand for mushrooms is rapidly increasing. The search term “mushroom” was one of the most Googled in the analyzed period, which has been attributed to consumers increasingly prioritising their health — mushrooms are a rich source of nutrients such as vitamins D and B, and …


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Bjoern Witte on Latest Blue Horizon Report: “The Positive Impact is Absolutely Massive”

The second part of the latest research from Blue Horizon and BCG, following the first instalment last month, finds that consumers are embracing alternative proteins and that protein transformation is one of the best tools available to combat the climate crisis. The study, titled ‘The Untapped Climate Opportunity In Alternative Proteins’, finds that almost a third of consumers would switch their diets to alternative proteins if doing so would have …


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New Study Shows 71% of Americans are Purchasing, Thinking About Plant-Based Products and Packaging

A new study conducted by The Plant Based Products Council (PBPC) shows strong consumer awareness and interest in plant-derived products made from renewable materials such as hemp, soy and corn. The findings also show consumers hold more favorable attitudes toward the companies, farmers and policymakers actively involved in sustainability efforts.  Among the report’s most significant findings, 71% of American consumers say they consciously think about packaging and products made with …


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Peer Reviewed Paper Proves Plant-Based Meat is Healthier and More Sustainable than Animal Products

Following a slew of biased articles in the mainstream press deeming meat alternatives as ultra-processed and unhealthy, a brand new peer-reviewed paper published just yesterday in the Future Foods journal finds that, in fact, plant-based meat is healthier and more sustainable than animal products. Speaking to vegconomist today, the paper’s author, Dr Chris Bryant of the University of Bath, said of the findings: “As well as favourable nutritional profiles, plant-based …



Plant-Based Meat Now Cheaper Than Animal Meat in Netherlands

Plant-based meat alternatives have suddenly become cheaper than their conventional counterparts, according to new figures. Compiled by supermarket researcher Questionmark on behalf of the Dutch branch of food awareness organization ProVeg International, the data shows how inflation and high raw material prices have caused animal meat prices to skyrocket in comparison with plant-based alt meats.  ProVeg and Questionmark systematically mapped the price differences between animal products and plant-based substitutes for …


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Over Half of Parents Want to See Their Children Eat More Plant Proteins

A survey conducted by baby food company Gerber has found that 55% of new parents in the US want to see their children eat more plant proteins. Additionally, two-thirds of parents would like their infants to try new foods, but 55% said they found it difficult to come up with flavourful, nutritious meals. The child’s preferences, lack of knowledge about nutrition, and cost were cited as the main challenges. A …


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All UK Aviation Emissions Could Be Offset with Pea Protein Swap Just 2X a Week

New data analysis from German plant-based startup GREENFORCE has revealed yet another positive impact of a shift towards plant-based diets in the fight against climate change. By swapping to foods derived from pea protein instead of beef just twice a week, the company claims the UK could offset the equivalent of all its aviation emissions.  The findings show how the UK could save 2.4 million (67,257,008 tonnes of CO2e) metric …


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Alt Shrimp Making Waves as 72% of Consumers Do Not Want Their Seafood to Harm the Environment

Though research shows shrimp as the most popular seafood item in the US, consumer concerns regarding ocean pollution are changing ordering habits. Alt shrimp producers across the globe are meeting the demand for environmentally friendly seafood options, with 72% of consumers stating they do not want their seafood consumption to harm the environment, as reported by Restaurant Business Online. With alt shrimp looking like the next big segment in alt …


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High Demand for Plant-Based Meat in Kenya, Nigeria, and Egypt, Says New Study

A new study has found high demand and consumer acceptance of plant-based meat in a range of African countries, particularly Kenya, Nigeria, and Egypt. The results suggest a viable market-based solution to mitigate the effects of rising meat consumption and accelerate the emerging alt protein sector across the continent. The new study, from US-based North Mountain Consulting Group and South Africa’s Credence Institute, found that four out of five Gen …