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Temporary Victory in South Africa Where Seizure of Plant-Based Foods Has Been Halted

Plant-based advocates in South Africa are celebrating a temporary victory after succeeding at the Johannesburg High Court on Saturday in halting thousands of product seizures scheduled to take place today, 22nd August. The Food Safety Agency (FSA) was set to begin the seizure of thousands of plant-based meat alternatives from retailers across the country for using terms such as “burger”, “nugget”, and “sausage”, in a now familiar battle that plant-based …


COP27 Food Systems Pavilion

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COP27 Food Systems Pavilion to “Put Food Centre Stage” in Fight Against Climate Change

A coalition of 15 food organisations has announced it will be hosting a Food Systems Pavilion at COP27, the United Nations’ climate change conference. The diverse group features policymakers, scientists, farmers, youth, and more, with the public, private, and nonprofit sectors all represented. The co-hosts are Clim-Eat, Coalition of Action for Soil Health (CA4SH), EIT Food, Environmental Defense Fund, FOLU, Good Food Institute, Infarm, SNV, and Yara International. Session partners …


ProVeg Food4Climate Pavilion

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“Tectonic Shift” as ProVeg is Granted 130m² Food4Climate Pavilion at COP27

This year, food awareness organisation ProVeg International is set to host its Food4Climate Pavilion at COP27, the United Nations’ climate change conference. Organised in collaboration with 15 partners, the 130-square-meter pavilion will feature ten food and agriculture topics. This will be the first time COP has hosted pavilions dedicated to food system change, highlighting the environmental impact of the food industry to delegations from over 200 countries. According to ProVeg, …


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What are the Labelling Rules for Plant-Based Foods in China?

Companies looking to launch plant-based foods in China may be concerned about how to label their products appropriately. But what are the regulations, if any? At present, animal-free products are not required to be labelled as such, though voluntary certifications are available from various industry associations. Meeting these standards can help to attract the growing number of Chinese consumers concerned about health and ethics. For example, The China Biodiversity Conservation …


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Argentina Government Updates Food Code to Require Labeling of Vegan and Vegetarian Products

In a joint resolution, Argentina announces an update to the country’s Argentine Food Code (CAA) that will require inclusion of the terms “Vegan Product” or “Vegetarian Product” on plant-based food labels.  Prepared by a coalition of government agencies, the new labeling requirements seek to “promote competitiveness, the generation of added value, differentiation and quality of food, as well as to provide access to clear and truthful information for the entire …


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South Korea’s National Plan 2022 to Include Cultivated Meat Regulatory Approval Guidance

This year, South Korea’s National Plan will for the first time include official guidance for alternative proteins, according to the country’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. There is currently no regulatory framework to approve alt-protein products for sale in South Korea. The new guidance could change that by establishing standards for foods developed with new technology (a category that includes alternative proteins). Significantly, the National Plan will also outline …


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Plant-Based Food Alliance Implores UK to Fight Climate Change by Cutting Out Animal Products

The Plant-Based Food Alliance UK has called on the country’s government and citizens to tackle climate change by reducing the number of animal products consumed. In the wake of record-breaking heatwaves, the organisation has pointed to research by Oxford University which found that individuals’ carbon footprints could be reduced by 73% by switching to a plant-based diet. Furthermore, CEO Marisa Heath says the UK government’s target of net zero emissions …


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BREAKING! French Decree to Ban Plant-Based Use of Meat-Like Terminology SUSPENDED

The French Conseil d’Etat, France’s highest court, has just now expressed serious doubt about the legality of the proposed ban of meat-like terminology for plant-based producers in France, and deems it unjustified in terms of providing consumer information. The decree, intended to come into effect in October 2022, has now been suspended. Vegconomist has seen the document revealing the suspension ruling as signed by the judge last night, 27th July. …


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Under New Defense Bill, US Navy May Begin Serving Plant-Based Meats in 2023

The United States Navy may begin testing plant-based meats at some Naval bases in 2023. A provision recently added to the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act would create a three-year pilot program to offer plant-based protein options at a minimum of two Navy operating bases. If fully approved, the program would take effect by March of next year.  Cost-saving measure Introduced by Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI), the provision is largely …


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India Introduces First Ever Regulations For Vegan Food

For the first time, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued regulations for vegan food, setting out the requirements that plant-based products must meet and how they can be labelled. Under the new rules, vegan food is defined as containing no animal products whatsoever and having no animal ingredients used during production or processing. Animal testing cannot be used to develop vegan products, unless permission is …


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European Parliament Holds First Ever Cultivated Meat Debate

On Wednesday July 13, the European Parliament held its first ever cultivated meat debate, organised by MEPs Tilly Metz and Ulrike Müller. The debate was attended by several key players in the field, including representatives from GFI Europe, Cellular Agriculture Europe, Mosa Meat, and CE Delft. Many emphasised the sustainability benefits of cultivated meat, along with the need for more funding. Robert Jones, president of Cellular Agriculture Europe and head …


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ProVeg International Criticises the Emerging “Draconian” Plant-Based Labelling Restrictions

Food awareness organisation ProVeg International has criticised the plant-based labelling restrictions recently brought in by several countries worldwide, describing them as “draconian”. South Africa, France, and Turkey are among the countries to have imposed new laws, while further restrictions have been proposed by Belgium and the US. But according to ProVeg, these regulations are counterproductive in the face of the climate crisis. “We can no longer continue down this path …


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Plant-Based Cheese Production and Sales Facing Unprecedented Ban in Turkey

Vegan cheese producers and consumers in Turkey are facing a government ban on sales and production following an unprecedented law by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The Vegan Association of Turkey has now filed a lawsuit against the ministry looking to overturn the latest in a line of plant-based censorship rulings.  According to the Vegan Association of Turkey, article 9/3 added to the Turkish Food Codex Regulation writes …


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California Passes Landmark Bill Investing Millions in Alt Protein and Plant-Based School Lunches

This week, the California state legislature adopted a $308B budget that, for the first time, allocates public funding for alternative protein research while expanding plant-based school meals.  Supporting robust research Under Section 190, a new provision states that $5M will be directed to support the research and development of plant-based and cultivated meats, reports The Spoon. The funds will be allocated to three public universities: UCLA, UC Berkeley and UC …


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“Delusional”: France Becomes First Country to Ban Plant-Based Meat Terms 

France will ban the use of meat names such as “steak” and “sausage” on plant-based foods from October, according to a new decree published yesterday. The ruling claims to avoid confusion for consumers, however, the law was heavily backed by the French meat industry and the country’s largest farming lobby.  France becomes the first country in the European Union to impose such restrictions on sustainable meat alternatives, which have surged …