Women’s EURO Final: Just Eat & UEFA to Introduce “Disappearing” Seaweed Food Packaging

Just Eat and UEFA announce that, in collaboration with sustainable packaging pioneer Notpla, biodegradable seaweed-coated food packaging will be introduced at the UEFA Women’s EURO Final at Wembley Stadium on 31st July, marking a first for a major football match. The packaging that will be served at the Women’s Final is home-compostable and will biodegrade within 4-6 weeks, just like a piece of fruit, according to Just Eat. With the …


Nae studio algae lampshades

© nea studio

New York’s Nea Studio Launches Chandeliers Made With Algae

Nea studio, an award-winning specialist in interior design and architecture from New York, just launched an innovative new collection featuring sconces and chandeliers made with algae. Founded by Nina Edwards Anker in 2006, nea studio’s philosophy is guided by eco-responsibility. The studio’s newest collection is made from locally sourced marine algae that took the studio eight years to find. Luxury Material Algae is fast becoming a go-to luxury material used …


One Planet Pizza packaging


New Study Shows 71% of Americans are Purchasing, Thinking About Plant-Based Products and Packaging

A new study conducted by The Plant Based Products Council (PBPC) shows strong consumer awareness and interest in plant-derived products made from renewable materials such as hemp, soy and corn. The findings also show consumers hold more favorable attitudes toward the companies, farmers and policymakers actively involved in sustainability efforts.  Among the report’s most significant findings, 71% of American consumers say they consciously think about packaging and products made with …


Insempra invests in Solena Materials

Image: Jens Klein on LinkedIn

Insempra Invests in Bio-Based Clothing Fibre Producer Solena Materials

Biotech firm Insempra has announced a strategic investment in Solena Materials, a producer of synthetic proteins for high-performance clothing fibers. Solena is a spinoff from Imperial College London and uses computational design to develop new proteins. The investment from Insempra will accelerate this development and make it possible to produce the proteins on an industrial scale. The aim is to create alternatives to both non-biodegradable petrochemically-derived textiles and animal-derived materials …



© Leukeather

Leukeather: Animal-Free Exotic Leather Made From Upcycled River Tamarind Pods

Leukeather is a vegan alternative to exotic leather, developed by UAE-based Egyptian architect Nuhayr Zein. The material is made from the dried pods of Leucaena, also known as river tamarind. Leucaena is a tree native to northern Central America and southern Mexico. It is fast-growing, requires little water, and is already present on many farms. To make the leather, farmers gather dried pods and supply them to Leukeather. The company …


Dole wins Creative Business Transformation Award

© Dole

Dole Wins Creative Business Transformation Award for Pineapple-Based Alt-Leather

Dole Sunshine Company, the world’s largest fruit and vegetable producer, has won the Grand Prix for Creative Business Transformation at the Cannes Lions Awards. Dole was recognised for its collaboration with Ananas Anam, a company using upcycled pineapple leaves to produce an animal-free leather alternative called Piñatex. For the past year, Dole has been supplying Ananas with pineapple leaves that would otherwise be wasted, benefitting the environment and both companies. …




Simplifyber Secures $3.5M in Seed Round For 3D Printed Garments of the Future

Simplifyber, Inc, the cleantech producer of footwear and clothing “created in a lab, not in a factory”, announces it has closed a $3.5 million seed funding round. The New York brand makes cotton-like biodegradable footwear and clothing by injecting liquid into molds, on a mission to transform the world’s apparel and footwear industries and replace wovens and knits with sustainable alternatives. Simplifyber’s cellulose formula is derived from a combination of …


Natural Fiber Welding collaborates with Veshin

© Veshin

Veshin Announces Partnership With Natural Fiber Welding

Veshin – a Chinese factory that produces fashion accessories for sustainable brands around the world, announces a partnership with Natural Fiber Welding (NFW) to create products made with the company’s leather alternative, Mirum. As part of the partnership, a team of expert designers and craftspeople with decades of experience will help brands source, design, scale, and launch products made with Mirum. The leather alternative is a high-performance, plastic-free material which …


Magical Mushroom Company packaging

©Magical Mushroom Company

Magical Mushroom Company Secures €3.4M in Seed Round Featuring Ecovative and Ecotricity

UK-based startup Magical Mushroom Company has raised around €3.4 million in a seed round led by mycelium specialist Ecovative Design with participation by Dale Vince, founder of green energy company Ecotricity. Founded in 2019,  Magical Mushroom Company produces hundreds of thousands of pieces of packaging for international brands including BA Components, Castrads,  Ffern, Selfridges, Lush, Seedlip and ID Watch. The startup combines agricultural waste with mycelium to create packaging that …


Modern Synthesis

© Modern Synthesis

Modern Synthesis Raises $4.1M to Displace Petrochemicals & Plastic Pollution From Fashion Industry

UK biomaterials company Modern Synthesis has raised $4.1 million in its seed funding round. The company will use the funding to accelerate the development of its proprietary microbial textile platform and open a pilot facility in South London. The funds will help Modern Synthesis achieve its ultimate goal of displacing many conventional animal and petrochemical-derived textiles, thus reducing emissions and plastic pollution from the fashion industry. Investors in the round …


Tesla Model 3


Study Finds 70% of UK Drivers Want to Buy a Vegan Car

A new report published by The Vegan Society, based on data gathered in February 2022 amongst drivers (or those planning to buy or lease a car in the near future) finds that 75% want to see the removal of animal products from vehicles and 70% are actively interested in purchasing a 100% animal-free vehicle.  When choosing a new car, more than half (57%) of participants said they would opt for …


Dow and Crocs collaboration

© Crocs

Dow and Crocs Collaborate for Shoes Made With Plant-Based Polymers

Dow and Crocs are joining forces to develop sustainable plant-based footwear. The news comes as Dow launches ENGAGE™ REN, a more eco-friendly version of its ENGAGE™ high-performing polyolefin elastomers (POEs). According to the Swiss materials science company, the POEs are produced using a new technology called ECOLIBRIUM. This makes it possible to develop materials that have a lower carbon footprint while retaining the same high-performance properties. ENGAGE™ REN is said …


Nanollose and von Holzhausen Collaboration

© von Holzhausen

Nanollose and von Holzhausen Collaborate to Develop Biodegradable Vegan Leather

Materials companies Nanollose and von Holzhausen have signed a collaboration agreement to work on sustainable animal-free leather alternatives. Nanollose is an Australian biomaterials company developing sustainable fabrics, while US-based von Holzhausen produces vegan leather alternatives made from plant-derived and recycled fibres. As part of the collaboration, Nanollose will supply von Holzhausen with samples of treated microbial cellulose, which the latter company will test to determine its viability as a leather …


Adidas X AMSilk

Adidas X AMSilk

AMSilk, World’s First Industrial Supplier of Vegan Silk, Appoints Klaus Kjeldal to Upscale Operations

AMSilk, a leader in the production of innovative high-performance bio-based silk materials, based in Munich Germany, announces the appointment of Klaus Kjeldal as Chief Production Officer (CPO) and Managing Director (MD). Klaus was most recently Head of Operations Enzymes at BASF and has previously worked for Uniobio, Novozymes and Orkla Foods. Klaus brings his experience in global operations and an understanding of product development, purchasing, engineering, process improvements, internal logistics …


Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX


PETA Survey on Vegan Interiors Reveals New Animal-Free Models From Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Renault and Citroën

More and more car brands are turning to plant-based alternatives such as vegan leather. PETA has now surveyed automakers from across Europe to find out which companies can meet the high demand for interiors without products of animal origin – including seats, trim and steering wheel. New models with vegan surfaces include the Mercedes-Benz Vito, Kia EV6, Renault Megane E-Tech Electric, Volvo C40 Recharge and Citroën C4, according to PETA’s …