M.E.A.T technology for alt-meat

© Mycorena

Mycorena Unveils Breakthrough M.E.A.T Technology To “Unlock Full Potential” of Alt Meat

Swedish mycelium-based protein leader Mycorena announces the development of its breakthrough M.E.A.T technology (Mycoprotein Extrusion and Alignment Technology) to unlock the full potential of alt meat production. Mycorena is one of the fastest growing companies in the alt-protein space, recently announcing plans to extend its geographical reach by opening facilities across Europe and Asia. The fungi fermentation expert is the creator of the world’s first mycoprotein-based butter prototype and is …


New Culture Fermented Mozzarella Cheese

© New Culture

ADM and New Culture Announce Strategic Partnership to Scale Animal-Free Mozzarella and Dairy Products

Agribusiness leader ADM and animal-free dairy company New Culture are forming a strategic partnership to accelerate the commercialization of alt-dairy foods. The partnership will include joint product development and scaling of New Culture’s animal-free casein and dairy innovations, which are expected to launch in US food service in 2023.  Founded in New Zealand, New Culture creates animal-free dairy products using precision fermentation techniques that produce casein, one of the primary …



© Einride

Beyond Meat Partners With Einride to Introduce Electric Vehicles to US Fleet

Swedish freight technology company Einride is working with Beyond Meat to provide digital, electric transportation solutions to its US operations, in a bid to reduce the company’s CO2 emissions whilst reducing operational costs and increasing transportation capacity. Initially, Einride is to deploy five electric trucks as well as develop and install the associated charging infrastructure, then over the following five years will scale the e-trucks across Beyond Meat’s operations in …


ADM chef presenting a beautiful dish

Image courtesy of ADM

ADM Enters Strategic Partnership With Benson Hill to Scale Ultra-High Protein Soy

Agri-food giant Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) has entered a strategic partnership with Benson Hill to scale the food tech company’s proprietary ultra-high soy protein for the North American food ingredients market. Since inventing textured vegetable protein in 1965, ADM has led the way in the market for plant proteins and has consistently modified its products to meet shifting customer preferences. Following the invention of the soy vegetable burger three decades …



© Merit Foods International

Merit Functional Foods Develops Methylcellulose-Free Ingredient Solution

Burcon NutraScience Corporation announces that its joint venture company, Merit Functional Foods Corporation, has developed an innovation utilizing its non-GMO Peazazz® pea protein as part of a 100% protein-based clean label solution to replace methylcellulose, a synthetic ingredient widely used in food and meat alternative applications. With consumers looking for advanced plant-based products that provide meat-like texture and cooking qualities, while not being highly processed, many food manufacturers in the …


clean palm oil

©Clean Food group

Cultivated Palm Oil Has Potential to Reduce Dependency on Controversial Palm Oil Industry

Clean Food Group, a company developing cultivated palm oil alternatives made from yeast, is currently preparing for the commercialisation of its Clean Palm Oil planned for 2023 aiming to reduce dependency on the controversial palm industry. The development process began at the University of Bath, where Christopher Chuck, Professor of Bioprocess Engineering, has been working on a project using “unique fermentation processes to develop a palm oil substitute from lignocellulosic …


MyForest Foods Bacon

©MyForest Foods

MyForest Foods Opens ‘World’s Largest’ AirMycelium Vertical Farm and Expands MyBacon Retailers

MyForest Foods Co., maker of mycelium-based MyBacon, announces the opening of Swersey Silos, a new vertical farm dedicated to scaling the brand’s popular mushroom bacon. Utilizing AirMycelium technology, the farm is part of 120,000 sq. ft. of new infrastructure MyForest is building to serve one million consumers by 2024.   Located in Green Island, NY, Swersey Silos was designed and constructed by Ecovative, the mycelium materials company that spun off MyForest …


Odd Burger London Facility

Conceptual image of new building ©Odd Burger

Canada’s Odd Burger Secures Land to Build 50,000 Sq. Ft. Manufacturing Facility

Odd Burger Corporation (TSXV: ODD) the world’s first publicly listed vegan fast food chain, has secured 5.5 acres of land in London, Ontario to construct a 50,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility. Purchased from the City of London, the site will initially house a 50,000 sq. ft. building, but can expand up to 150,000 sq. ft. to accommodate future manufacturing capacity.  Once completed, Preposterous Foods – Odd Burger’s technology and manufacturing subsidiary …



© Planteneers GmbH

Planteneers Reveals Strategy to Work With Meat Industry For Increased Hybrid Products

Planteneers reveals plans to deal with the ongoing trend for plant-based alternatives and avoid a cannibalization effect. By getting the meat industry on board to create hybrid products containing less meat, a more ethical revenue stream is established for manufacturers, it says. Hybrid products offer a perfect compromise, according to the German producer, offering great opportunities for flexitarians and consumers who are looking to reduce their meat intake step by …


launch of notchicken

© NotCo

NotCo Announces New Patents to Replicate “True Experience” of Animal Products Using Plant-Based Molecules

Foodtech Unicorn NotCo announces it has secured a new set of patents related to the ability of Giuseppe — its proprietary AI technology — to develop scents and aromas, claiming to be the first company leveraging AI to explore the re-creation of aromas in food. The company states that Giuseppe is now the only technology with the ability to reproduce the positive associations created in the brain when it experiences …


The PlantEat

©The PlantEat

Korea’s The PlantEat Develops Alt Protein Recipes “10,000X Faster” with New Food Tech

The PlantEat, one of Korea’s leading plant-based foodtech companies, is set to expand its product line and enter the global market. The data-driven foodtech is entering the alt meat and alt dairy segments using its proprietary PAMS technology to develop what it claims are unique ingredient combinations.  The PlantEat has recently launched the alt milk brand XILK in Korea, developed with its PAMS system which the company claims holds more …


Sheetal Shah UPSIDE Foods


UPSIDE Foods Hires Sheetal Shah, Former Leader at Impossible Foods, to Scale Cultivated Meat Supply Chain

UPSIDE Foods, formerly known as Memphis Meats, announces the hire of Sheetal Shah as the company’s Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Manufacturing. Through his role, Shah will focus on scaling the company’s cultivated meat production by building out the supply chain infrastructure. The news follows the massive $400M Series C round UPSIDE raised in April to begin commercializing its products.  At UPSIDE, Shah will lead the development of …


GOOD Meat Largest Cultivated Meat Facility

©Eat Just

In Historic Move, GOOD Meat Signs with ABEC to Produce 30M Pounds of Cultivated Meat Each Year

GOOD Meat, a subsidiary of food tech brand Eat Just, announces it has entered an exclusive seven-year agreement with biotech manufacturer ABEC, Inc. to design, engineer and build the world’s largest known bioreactors for culturing avian and mammalian cells.  GOOD Meat’s large-scale cultivated meat complex will consist of ten 250,000-liter bioreactors and will be located in the US. Once fully operational, it will be capable of producing up to 30 …


© Symega Food Ingredients

Symega Food Invests $10.3M to “Make India the Hub of Plant-Based Protein Revolution in Asia”

Indian manufacturer Symega Food Ingredients is to expand its presence in the plant-based sector with a Rs. 100 crore ($10.29 million) investment in a new dedicated facility. Located in Kochi, the plant will have the capacity to produce 150MT per month, featuring machinery for various modern plant-based manufacturing technologies. There will also be an on-site R&D laboratory. Having previously focused on seasonings, flavourings, colourings, and culinary products, Symega initially launched …


Lidl ProVeg

Image courtesy of ProVeg International

How Lidl Became a “One-Stop-Shop” for Mainstream Consumers Buying Plant-Based 

This article is part of the Vegconomist X ProVeg International New Food Hub article series, which aims to make actionable insights into the plant-based space more readily accessible. ProVeg International has recently published a case study detailing German discount retailer chain Lidl’s expansion of their plant-based product range. The case study touches on the steps taken by Lidl to grow their plant-based range and the key interventions made by ProVeg …