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International Legume Society to Host Series of Public Webinars

The International Legume Society has announced a series of public webinars on topics related to legume cultivation and improvement. The webinars will take place on Microsoft Teams on a monthly basis, usually on the first Tuesday of the month. The full list is as follows: Christian Huyghe (INRAE, France) – Perspectives, opportunities, challenges and burning research issues for legume crops in Europe – Sep. 6, 2022, 4 pm CET Petr …


New Culture Fermented Mozzarella Cheese

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ADM and New Culture Announce Strategic Partnership to Scale Animal-Free Mozzarella and Dairy Products

Agribusiness leader ADM and animal-free dairy company New Culture are forming a strategic partnership to accelerate the commercialization of alt-dairy foods. The partnership will include joint product development and scaling of New Culture’s animal-free casein and dairy innovations, which are expected to launch in US food service in 2023.  Founded in New Zealand, New Culture creates animal-free dairy products using precision fermentation techniques that produce casein, one of the primary …


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Cornell University Studies Ethical and Economic Implications of Plant-Based Beef on US Market

A Cornell University study published in The Lancet, titled “Ethical and economic implications of the adoption of novel plant-based beef substitutes in the USA: a general equilibrium modelling study”, examines the impact of the plant-based meat industry on the US market. Plant-based alternatives to beef have the potential to help reduce carbon emissions, though the paper says that their growing popularity could affect farm labour and threaten more than 1.5 …


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Argentina Government Updates Food Code to Require Labeling of Vegan and Vegetarian Products

In a joint resolution, Argentina announces an update to the country’s Argentine Food Code (CAA) that will require inclusion of the terms “Vegan Product” or “Vegetarian Product” on plant-based food labels.  Prepared by a coalition of government agencies, the new labeling requirements seek to “promote competitiveness, the generation of added value, differentiation and quality of food, as well as to provide access to clear and truthful information for the entire …


Waters Plant Protein Science/ Research

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Waters Corp. Partners with the Plant Protein Innovation Center to Advance Alt-Protein Science

Waters Corporation, a leading analytical instruments company, announces it is now collaborating with researchers at the Plant Protein Innovation Center (PPIC) to help advance plant protein science. As the first analytical instrument company to join the PPIC, Waters will provide technology and expertise to enhance understanding of plant-derived amino acids, and drive the development of new protein sources.  First-of-its-kind center Located at the University of Minnesota, the PPIC is a …


Gestation Crate Pigs McDonald's

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Ctrl Alt Meat: Saving the Bacon – the Crate Debate

by Katie Briefel

We have seen the issue of gestation crates rise to prominence in recent months, in particular, due to a campaign led by Carl Icahn against Mcdonald’s. The activist investor called for two nominees to be elected to the board of directors to improve the company’s animal welfare standards, but the motion was voted down by shareholders last month. The reason for Icahn’s campaign and the media attention it subsequently garnered …


Management Team Tropic Biosciences

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Tropic Biosciences Raises $35M to Solve Crises of the $400Bn Banana, Coffee, & Rice Markets  

Next gen impact investor Blue Horizon has announced an investment in Tropic Biosciences, a developer of high-performance varieties of tropical crops such as bananas, coffee, and rice. Leading a $35 million round for the company, Blue Horizon is backing Tropic Biosciences to be an agricultural-biotechnology leader at the forefront of a $400 billion market.  Tropic Biosciences is focused on a portfolio of popular but problematic crops: bananas, coffee, and rice. …


40% of UK's arable land devoted to livestock feed

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WWF Calls for UK Farmland to Feed People, Not Livestock

A report by conservation organisation WWF has claimed that two-fifths of the UK’s arable land is being used to grow crops to feed farmed animals. Half of the wheat grown in the country — enough to produce over ten billion loaves of bread — is fed to livestock in a process the organisation described as “inherently inefficient”. When the land used for raising and grazing livestock is also taken into …


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Report Examines Farmers’ Attitudes to Transitioning to Alt-Protein Production

A new report by ProVeg International has explored the opportunities and challenges faced by farmers transitioning to alt-protein production. The report interviewed 20 groups representing 300,000 farmers, asking what prevents them from making the shift. Responses show that many are concerned about climate change and open-minded to changing what they produce. However, farmers need to be reassured that they will not lose income if they make the transition. According to …


yellow peas

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Equinom Achieves a “Game-Changing” 75% Protein Content for Yellow Pea Protein Ingredient

Equinom announces today it has achieved a record 75% protein content in a minimally processed yellow pea protein ingredient using its Manna™ technology platform.  According to the company, based on current market research and publicly available information, no other pea protein exists on the market today with this high level of protein content without the use of chemical processing. Equinom states that while advancements still need to be made to …


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Report: Sufficient Plant Protein is Already Produced to Feed the Entire World

Research by Dr. Stacy Pyett of Wageningen University says that the world is already producing sufficient plant protein to feed the entire population. About 520 million tons of plant protein are produced annually, with a third of this wasted either during processing, storage, or by consumers. This leaves 346 million tons remaining. However, around 50% of this is currently turned into livestock feed. Based on the minimum amount of protein …



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Soupergirl Launches Fair Food Soup at Whole Foods to Fight Farm Worker Abuse

Plant-based brand Soupergirl announces it has become the first consumer packaged goods company to obtain Fair Food certification in an effort to protect farm workers’ rights. Soupergirl’s tomato gazpacho line now carries the Fair Food label, which can be found at select Whole Foods locations.  The Fair Food Program is a national effort to ensure just wages and humane working conditions for migrant workers who pick America’s fruits and vegetables. …


Moolec Science

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$504M Moolec to Become “World’s First” Molecular Farming FoodTech Listed on Nasdaq

Moolec Science has entered a new business agreement that will see it become the first molecular farming foodtech to be listed on Nasdaq. The foodtech ingredient pioneer is aiming to become a category creator in the alternative protein landscape and has entered a definitive business combination agreement with LightJump Acquisition Corp, a special purpose acquisition company. UK-based Moolec focuses on developing real animal proteins in plants using molecular farming; a …


Beans Willicroft


Willicroft Sows First White Beans in Renegenerative Farming Project, Preparing For 2023 Upscale

Willicroft, the Netherlands brand which became the first plant-based cheese B Corp this March, reveals to vegconomist it has sown its first white beans — the staple ingredient in the brand’s cheese recipes — as it prepares to upscale in 2023. Two years ago, Willicroft became aware of the extremely high emissions of cashews — the previous main ingredient — through an initial lifecycle assessment. The team set about looking …


Steve Howard of Singaporean state investor Temasek

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Singaporean State Investor Temasek Says Alt-Proteins Are Vital For Food Security

Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Officer at Singapore’s state investor Temasek, has said that plant-based proteins are an important way of improving food security. Speaking to CNBC, Howard explained that about 80% of farmland is used for animal agriculture, with a huge proportion of crops grown being fed to farmed animals. In contrast, only 18% of calories come from animal foods. With climate change already negatively impacting crop production, current grain …