cultivated milk

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All G Foods Raises $25M to Make Cultivated Milk “Cheaper to Buy Than Cow-Based Dairy”

Australian startup All G Foods just raised $25 million from Agronomics to accelerate the manufacture of its milk substitute and undercut the prices of conventional milk sold on the market. The $25 million investment, of which $15 million has been contributed by cellular agriculture investment firm Agronomics through a UK-listed corporation and another $10 million through a linked investment vehicle, is claimed to be the first component of a broader …


clean palm oil

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Cultivated Palm Oil Has Potential to Reduce Dependency on Controversial Palm Oil Industry

Clean Food Group, a company developing cultivated palm oil alternatives made from yeast, is currently preparing for the commercialisation of its Clean Palm Oil planned for 2023 aiming to reduce dependency on the controversial palm industry. The development process began at the University of Bath, where Christopher Chuck, Professor of Bioprocess Engineering, has been working on a project using “unique fermentation processes to develop a palm oil substitute from lignocellulosic …


Steakholder Logo

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MeaTech 3D Changes Name to Steakholder Foods to “Cultivate New Community of Meat Lovers”

MeaTech 3D Ltd., the first world’s first publicly listed cultivated meat company, announces it is changing its name to Steakholder Foods Ltd. (Nasdaq: STKH.) The new name is intended to reflect the company’s commitment to building a strong community of meat lovers who support changing the world through cultured meat production.  Founded in Israel, Steakholder is a leading innovator in the cultivated meat industry, having developed cutting-edge technology and processes …


Eat Just chicken sandwich closeup

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“How Are we Going to Survive?” – SMU President Calls For Cultivated Meat as Singapore’s Supply Chain Disruptions Continue

In light of Singapore’s ongoing supply chain disruptions, Prof. Lily Kong, president of the Singapore Management University (SMU), highlights the necessity of cell-cultured meat and milk products in order to achieve the country’s “30 by 30” goal. In a recent discussion that was part of the biennial World Cities Summit (WCS) and reported by Today Online, Prof. Lily Kong, who specializes in social-cultural and urban geography, spoke about Singapore’s path …


New Zealand cellular agriculture professorship.

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New Zealand Institutes Seek Skilled Scientist for Cell Ag Professorship

New Zealand’s Riddet Institute and AgResearch are collaborating to create a jointly funded cellular agriculture professorship. The position will be based at the Te Ohu Rangahau Kai research facility, which the two entities share. Hosted at Massey University, The Riddet Institute is focused on advanced food research, while AgResearch works in the agri-technology field. The Riddet Institute is already conducting research into cellular agriculture, but through the new professorship, the …


John Hopkins College Studnents Alt Protein

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Australia’s First Online Course on Cellular Agriculture Launches to Help Students Break Into the Sector

Nonprofit organisation Cellular Agriculture Australia (CAA) announces the launch of the first online course on cellular agriculture in collaboration with industry, academia, and regulatory organisations. Cellular agriculture is a relatively new discipline and is often described as a futuristic way of agriculture using just a tiny fraction of agricultural land compared to the traditional production of animal products. While formal education programs on cellular agriculture are still a rarity, the …


Wildtype Sushi

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Alt Seafood Investments Hit $178M in the First Six Months of 2022

Alt-seafood investments reached $178 million between January and July of this year, according to Fishfarmingexpert. The figures take into account all investments in plant-based, fermented, and cultivated seafood companies. A huge proportion of the funding raised went to Wildtype, a US-based cultivated salmon producer. The company secured $100 million in February, in the largest ever Series B round for a cultivated seafood startup. Other notable alt-seafood fundraises this year include …


3D-printed plant-based pork and turkey burgers

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SavorEat Launches 3D-Printed Plant-Based Pork and Turkey Burgers

Israeli foodtech company SavorEat has developed 3D-printed plant-based pork and turkey burgers. The new breakfast patties will join SavorEat’s existing plant-based hamburger patties. Uniquely, SavorEat’s meat alternatives are customisable and created by a “robot chef”, which uses AI and machine learning to produce burgers catered to diners’ preferences. Users can select their cooking preferences and desired protein and fat content using SavorEat’s specially developed web application. Robot chef reduces waste …


Pearlita Foods oyster

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Pearlita Announces “World’s First” Oyster Alternative to Hit Shelves Soon 

Pearlita Foods, the US seafood disruptor, has announced the completion of its first prototype alternative oyster. With the claim of being the world’s first alt oyster company, Pearlita has leveraged plant-based and cell-based technologies to produce authentic and identical oysters, with more alt seafood products in development.  Based in Raleigh, NC, Pearlita has stated that it will first release its plant-based alternative oyster while scaling up its cell lines. The …


Zero Acre Farms oil lifestyle

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Zero Acre Farms Says “The Day Has Finally Arrived. Cultured Oil is Here”

Zero Acre Farms, the cultured oil innovator backed by Robert Downey Jr., announces the release of its first product. Available now via the company’s website, the cultured oil is high in healthy mono-unsaturated fats and low in unhealthy poly-unsaturated fats, with a fraction of the carbon footprint of conventional cooking oils.  All-purpose cooking oil with a purpose Co-founder and CEO Jeff Nobbs stated yesterday: “The day has finally arrived. Cultured …


Shiok Meats founders

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Shiok Meats Partners With Conventional Shrimp Company for Cultivated Seafood R&D

Shiok Meats has partnered with Vietnamese conventional shrimp producer Minh Phu Seafood to open a cultivated seafood R&D facility. The two companies have signed a MOU, committing to establishing a joint facility in Vietnam and carrying out research into sustainable seafood. Additionally, they will explore the opportunity to develop, produce, market, and distribute cultivated shrimp products. According to the companies, the collaboration could pave the way for conventional seafood companies …


Chris Dammann Bluu Biosciences

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Bluu Seafood: “By 2025 Cultivated Seafood Can Be Expected to Appear in Supermarkets”

Christian Dammann, PhD, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Bluu Seafood and VP at Cellular Agriculture Europe, is an internationally renowned expert in cellular agriculture and cultivated fish development as well as a former co-founder of BlueNalu. Bluu Seafood is one of the first cultivated seafood innovators in the European sphere and appointed Christian as its inaugural COO in 2021.  Christian focuses on process development, scaling-up, and – most crucially – …


Myprotein Perfect Day Animal-Free Whey Powder


Myprotein and Perfect Day Launch ‘Whey Forward’ Dairy-Identical Performance Protein Powder

Myprotein, the world’s leading online sports nutrition brand, has partnered with startup Perfect Day to launch Whey Forward – a “no-compromise” performance protein powder made with animal-free dairy. Developed with Perfect Day’s precision fermentation, Whey Forward is a ready-to-mix product that offers the same taste and nutrition as whey found in cow’s milk, but with no lactose and a significantly reduced environmental impact. With 20 grams of protein per serving, …


SuperMeat cultivated chicken


SuperMeat Partners With Migros, Switzerland’s Largest Supermarket and Meat Manufacturer

SuperMeat, the Israeli cultivated meat startup, has announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Switzerland’s largest retail supermarket chain and leading meat manufacturer, Migros. The MOU will expedite the production and distribution of cultivated meat on a commercial scale.  As part of the partnership, Migros has invested in SuperMeat, indicating that the industry sees a strong interest among consumers in alternative proteins. The two companies aim to solidify an infrastructure …


CB Therapeutics

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Precision Fermentation Company CB Therapeutics to Begin Producing Animal-Free Food Ingredients

Biosynthesis company CB Therapeutics, which previously focused on producing medical ingredients, has revealed that it is working on numerous foodtech prototypes made using precision fermentation. CB Therapeutics says its “powerful, fast, and portable” platform is capable of generating a huge range of products and ingredients, claiming to have already developed prototypes for animal-free proteins, fats, colourants, flavors, aromas, and more. Now, the company is seeking out foodtech partnerships to help …