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Lenny Kravitz Relaunches Mission-Driven Vegan Toothpaste Brand TWICE

US musician and actor Lenny Kravitz has relaunched his vegan toothpaste brand TWICE with updated packaging and new products.

“Before we had a product, we had a mission,” Lenny Kravitz

TWICE initially launched in 2018, inspired by the work of Kravitz’s dentist, Jonathan B. Levine. Levine co-founded oral care brand Glo and subsequently the Glo Good Foundation, which provides dental care to those in developing countries. After joining forces with the foundation to bring a dental clinic to his own community in the Bahamas, Kravitz was inspired to launch TWICE in collaboration with Levine’s sons, Julian and Cody.

vegan toothpaste brand TWICE

Many traditional toothpastes contain animal-based glycerin (for moisture), colors, propolis from bees, or are tested on animals. Demand for vegan friendly oral care is increasing and is being met by mainstream producers, for example, In 2020, Colgate introduced Smile For Good, a vegan toothpaste line with a transparent ingredients list and fully recyclable packaging. And last year, Jada Pinkett Smith introduced a range of sustainable and cruelty-free personal care products, including toothpaste in both fluoride and non-fluoride varieties.

TWICE describes itself as a mission-driven company, with all products vegan and free of gluten, parabens, and sodium lauryl sulphate. All the brand’s packaging is recyclable and BPA-free.

Twice toothpaste

The TWICE range currently features:

  • Oral Wellness Toothpaste — a whitening, vitamin-enriched fluoride toothpaste available in the flavours Calming Lavender Vanilla Mint, Cooling Spearmint Eucalyptus, Invigorating Wintergreen Peppermint, and Charcoal Icy Mint.
  • Oral Wellness Floss — made with plant-based fibres and coated in baking powder.
  • Oral Wellness Immunity Rinse — a mouthwash with zinc, hydrogen peroxide, nano-silver, and various botanical and herbal ingredients.
  • Oral Wellness Whitening Pen — said to make teeth several shades whiter without increasing sensitivity.

“Before we had a product, we had a mission. In 2015, we started hosting dental missions in the Bahamas to provide free dentistry to my hometown of Eleuthera,” Kravitz said on Instagram. “Now, seven years later, we are sharing the gift of a smile with the world, and a portion of proceeds from each purchase will go toward providing dental missions for years to come.” 



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