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Bliss: Animal-Free Cosmetics in Collaboration with PETA

The American company Blissworld is redesigning its beauty products. Bliss’ new vegan collection, developed in partnership with PETA, is set to meet the demands of Millennials. To confirm that Bliss products are manufactured without animal testing, the company has received certification in the form of the rabbit packaging logo from animal welfare organisation PETA.

At the beginning of the year, the beauty company from New York decided to introduce paraben- and sulfate-free products. With its new partnership with PETA, the cosmetics company wants to conquer the cruelty-free beauty market and hopes to win new customers. The fact that the end product is free of any animal testing is extremely important, says Meri Baregamian, Managing Director of Bliss. In collaboration with the new PETA programme “Beauty Without Bunnies”, consumers are reminded that they are saving animals’ lives by choosing cruelty-free beauty products.

The animal welfare organisation values Bliss’s commitment and responsibility. Kathy Guillermo, PETA’s Senior Vice President, underlines Bliss’ sympathy for the animals and points out that animals do not have to suffer and die. Doing something good for the world, consuming animal-free products and living sustainably will in future be increasingly important criteria which will significantly influence consumers’ product choices. Due to Bliss’ decision, the beauty company is moving towards vegan beauty products, which will pay off in the future, based on increasing consumer demand.



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